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    LMAO this is a great craigs list entry

    To the guy defecating on my front lawn

    Date: Sun Aug 03 00:05:43 2003

    You didn't look like a homeless vagrant. You didn't appear drunk or on drugs. I looked out my window and saw you limping up to the front of my apartment complex with a pained expression on your face and thought, "He probably hurt his ankle".

    To my horror, you dropped your pants and took what can only be described as a fecal explosion, against the side of my building. And if that wasn't enough to shock me to my very core, YOU PULLED YOUR PANTS BACK UP, without so much as a leaf-wipe, and merrily went on your way.

    We have all faced this before; we knew we were not going to make it home (we have? ), or the gas station attendant was fantasizing he's a feudal lord or, even worse, we were on our first date and the bathroom was situated practically next to the headboard of the bed (). So, in a mad scramble to get to a safety zone, we gambled and lost. But, Dude, against the side of my apartment?

    You're better than that.

    Source: http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/lax/14380540.html

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    Ummm, err, I was at home...

    ah forget it, I gotta do some laundry.
    I'm a PUBLIC SERVANT, so I'm not permitted to use my own judgement in any way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay7376
    Ummm, err, I was at home...

    ah forget it, I gotta do some laundry.
    ROFLMAOOO!!!! So you admitted it??!



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