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Thread: Human Weapon

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    Human Weapon

    I just got off of work and I was watching the history channel at 0200 hrs today and saw the two gentlemen learning escrima. Arnis, escrima, or kali is the same thing but called something different depending on which part of the Philippines it's taught.

    Although whatever weapon you use is just an extention of the hand, kali is more of a bolo (sword and knife) style and escrima is more of a stick style.

    My great grandfather (father's side) taught me kali and my grandfather (mother's side) taught me escrima.

    I'm sitting here watching the show and holding the family bolo, which has been in the family for at least 10 generations.

    After the show is over I'm getting my sticks, go into the garage and beat the tire dummy.

    I miss them. salamat tatay. galang po.

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    I was learning Kali for a while, then took a lesson in Kempo. My instructor got so excited at how well I did with it, that he's switched me to Kempo exclusively. I liked hitting things with my sticks, but I'm less unintentionally dangerous with hand to hand.
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    I wish I had the time.
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    Man, and I thought my cardio kickboxing was something to be proud of!

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    I've always enjoyed aikido. The temple that I attend has aikido classes there. Our sensei is one of very few senseis actually trained in aikido. Even rarer that he is one of a very very small handful of American born Shinto priests.
    Anyhoo, aikido is a lot of fun. Its good to know how to use your opponents force against them. Reduces the likelihood that you will get hurt one on one. Heck I'm 5'5" and I threw a 6'4" guy. All in fun of course.

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    I have no idea what y'all are talking about, but as soon as my doctor gives me the go-ahead and I get in better shape, I've been wanting to take the Brazilian Jujitsu / Jiu-Jitsu class at DFW Gun Range. It's all about no-rules winning at all cost

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