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    All about you, what drew you into the job?

    I just wanted to find out from all the LEO's and all the soon to be LEO's, have you always wanted to be a Police Officer? Was it a long life dream of your's? And most of all why did you become a Police Officer/ LEO?

    Myself, I have to admit I haven't wanted to become a Police Officer my whole life, sure at a young age I used to draw Police cars and make police sounds, but over the last two years I have for some unknown reason been drawn towards the job, don't get me wrong it wasn't a split second decision, but it has taken me a few years to figure out that it really is what I want to do in life, and nothing else interests me, I like to help people and I to it frequently; volunteering.

    I get a lot of people asking me why I just don't stick to Programming and web design which I have learned at tafe over the past four years, but the truth is it just doesn't interest me, I am good at it and that is why I am doing it at the moment, until next year when I hope to do Criminal Justice at uni.

    So why have you decided to become a LEO or currently deciding to become a LEO? Was it a long life Dream?
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    Mine was something I always knew I was supposed to do. A life long desire. It's probably a combination of life events that put me where I am today. To lengthly and complicated to put in one place. Let's just say I had direction.
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    Through High School and up until 2 months before I left for college I wanted to be a Paramedic. My senior year in High School I dual enrolled at the community college and went through the EMT-B course.

    I eventually realized that I liked what I was doing in EMS but I could never do it for the rest of my life. The passion for the job really wasn't there. Plus I was always getting in trouble for caring too much about why things happened, and what happened after we left the scene.

    I was a police explorer with the local sheriff office and one day my advisor asked me why I wasn't going to try out LE over EMS, he said that he could really see how much I loved being around this stuff and learning about it. I took his words and changed universities/majors at pretty much the last minute.

    I head to the academy next year and will graduate May 09 with my bachelors in CJ. Then it's off to hopefully pursue a dream and goal.
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    All those Crawford TV shows, like Division 4, Matlock Police and Homicide did my head in.

    I wanted to wear a pork pie hat like Gerard Kennedy aka Det. Frank Banner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lewisipso View Post
    A life long desire. It's probably a combination of life events that put me where I am today. To lengthly and complicated to put in one place. Let's just say I had direction.

    Sums it up for me also.......

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    In High School I was in the marching band (drumline, to be more specific) and I loved the discipline, uniformity, and dedication it took. I also realized that I was strongly interested in law enforcement, as I would always stare at what the police were doing when I drove by. I think a combination of these two things made me realize that I really wanted to be a cop. I attended a "Trooper Youth Week" program a couple months later and it confirmed that L.E.'s for me!
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    I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grow up. My family wanted me to be a doctor, I didn't. In my senior yr of highschool I decided to enroll in the fire academy. I passed everything they threw at me and I graduated. My dept. hired me and I earned my badge with pride and respect, I treated it as if it was my own heart. Then later in the process I noticed how stressful it is to be dealing with being the only girl in my dept. and it just brought drama. Had a little fallin out with my captain and I quit.

    Then my decision as a police officer came and I realized that I'll be a better person as a police officer than I ever was as a firefighter. I want to be a police officer to be able to give back to the community and give the teens that were pulled under the spell of peer pressure to do drugs, and join gangs a chance to see the light. I'm going to give more than i ever did as a police officer than I was a firefighter. Our police academy starts in January.
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    While I am not a police officer, I do have a desire to be one after my service commitment. This stems from having 5 family members who are current or former law enforcment officers, having combined 60+ years on the force. Hopefully I can carry on this proud legacy.
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    the great hours
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