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    Where were you on 9/11/2001

    I was in New Jersey visiting my mom, about 25 miles from NYC. I got up that morning and my mom called me from work and said that the towers were on fire. We had plans to take my wife up in the towers the following day. I remember exactly what my mom said, "I hope they put the fire out so we can still go." Little did she realize what was going to happen.
    Once we realized what has happening we raced over to East Rutherford, near Giants stadiums. By the time we got there the towers were gone. I have some photos of the smoke rising over Manhatten. I was a cop then and wanted to go help, but my wife would not let me.
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    I was a freshman in highschool on that fateful day. I was in my first period class when the first plane hit. The principal came over the loudspeaker and told everyone to proceed to the library and music room to watch the events. My class went to the library where two or three tv's were set up. We all stood there and stared at the tv's in disbelief as the second plane hit. Even more horrifying was watchin the people leaping from the towers to their deaths rather then be burned to death or wait for the towers to collapse, which no one knew was going to happen until it did.

    Later I was walking through the hallway and found a friend on a set steps leading to a staff member's office with a distraught look on her face. Her cousin worked at the Petagon and her family didn't know if he was okay, she found out later that he had survived the attack on the Pentagon.

    The rest of the day and those after we walked around in a daze much like the rest of the US and the world.

    Links to songs I feel fit that day,
    Enya- Only Time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NNLzheTxCA
    Nickelback- If Everyone Cared: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0twtW6SynG0
    Toby Keith- Courtsey of the Red, White, and Blue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSWuA-RttGU
    Enya- Adiemus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Akwkc7JsA6o

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    I was living in Washington DC on 9-11 in Navy housing aboard Bolling Air force base which is directly across the river from the Pentegon. I was at home with my daughter and turned the TV to MSNBC about 20 seconds before the second plane hit. I called my wife who was at work at the naval hospital in Bethsda and told her to find a TV.

    A short time later I heard and felt the explosion as the plane struck the Pentagon and the shock knocked items off of the walls of my house. After speaking to my wife one more time I went outside and could see and smell the explosion. It took my wife 3 hours to get home and we were locked down aboard base for the rest of the day.

    My neighbor across the street said she could not reach her husband who worked at the Pentagon and we all tried to call him most of the day but later learned that he had been in the outer ring of the Pentagon where the plane impacted the building. Of the 200 or so residents of the area we lost three people in the Pentagon.

    I will never forget that day.

    My the familes of those lost in the events of that day find peace.
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    I had just flown back to Newark from a business trip in Florida the day before, and that flight was placed in a holding pattern for quite a while because there was a fire at Newark airport. I remember thinking that I'd have to watch the news the next day to find out what happened. The next morning I was at work in Cranbury NJ when someone came into the lab and said that a plane had run into the WTC - we thought it was a small plane that had accidentally hit the tower.

    We all turned on the huge tv in the conference room and watched the news reports. Upon realizing that the South tower was hit, a coworker siad "Oh my God," and ran out of the building, as his wife worked in that tower (she was able to escape). Another coworker almost fainted, she was supposed to have been on Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco but changed her flight the day before.

    We had no phone service at work and were allowed to leave early. Driving home, it was eerily quiet on the streets and I remember hearing radio reports about how to handle children at daycare centers who would be waiting for NYC commuter parents to pick them up.

    Cell and landlines were a mess, my mom finally reached me late that night and told me to call my father at work and to have him paged if necessary - they knew I'd been traveling but couldn't remember what day or where I'd been going to or from and he'd been trying to find me. I called him and he told me later that after we talked, he hung up the phone and cried.

    Almost every single person that I know in NJ lost a loved one that day.

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    I was just getting to school that day my 10th grade. I got to school early as I normally did to hang out in the class with my friend and teacher and the teacher had the news on. I won't forget that day. It is still in the back of my mind. The horror of what people are capable of doing to us.

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    I was in the office, someone said a plane had hit the towers. My first thought was what kinda blind person flys into that big a building, then got the call to report to the Security Forces and arm up. Spent the rest of the day on high alert.

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    I'd just quit a horrible job the Friday before, and my parents were in NY for my uncle's funeral. I was sleeping late, and hubby came in and woke me up, turned on the TV, and just a few minutes later the second plane hit. I called my older brother, got him watching TV - he started swearing about that "insane SOB Osama Bin Laden." I couldn't get through to my parents, but I wasn't too worried as they weren't near NYC. We spent the day just in shock. I remember watching the rescue personnel going in, before the towers fell, and knowing that most of them wouldn't be coming back. I just stayed in bed that day, glued to the TV, afraid to look away.
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    I was in bed after being home from military training for just three days. My dad called, told me to turn on the TV and that I should probably call my squadron ready room.

    I watched plane 2 hit on the television, and called my reserve squadron. I was told to report as soon as possible.

    I received two year active duty orders on 09/22/01, having already been put to work on base. The next 13 months were a blur.

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    I was still in shock from the sudden death of my first wife,less than 3 months before.Living in a 3 bedroom house in a rural area,and not being able to sleep I had gone to a casino on the gulf coast just to be around lights,noise and people.

    I came home and as I was getting ready for bed,I turned on the t.v. which had been left on CNN.I thought,what movie is this,than realized what was going on,(or thought I did,figured equipment malfunction on a flight)about 3 minutes later the second plane hit,thats when I instinctively turned to where my wife would normally be and said "Pearl Harbor all over,we are now at war."

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    I was laying in bed. My mom called and woke me up to tell me about the "accident". I was watching when the second plane hit. I had graduated from police academy 4 days earlier.

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    I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with my first and asleep in bed. My husband called and said "Turn on the TV, we are being attacked" I wasnt quite sure what he was talking about....i had never even heard of the *towers* until that day. I layed in bed for 2 days watching TV...hoping not to go into labor. I had my son on Sept 20th. Had a baby girl the following year on Sept 12th.....wanting to avoid the anniv of that awful day.

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    I was home from university at my mums house and first heard the news on the radio I was listening to Mark and Lard on BBC Radio 1. I went down stairs and turn on the TV and sat flicking between BBC new 24, sky news and CNN a routine I repeated several times since- London, Madrid, invasion of Afganistan and Iraq to name a few.

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    I was at home and a friend called to tell me about it. I didn't have a TV or radio and my internet access was malfunctioning (probably due to overload), so it took me a while to figure out what was going on.

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    I was working my normal Tuesday 24 hour shift at the Fire Department. I was out mopping the apparatus floor when one of my shift partners came out and told me to come in the day room, I wouldn't believe what was on tv.

    I walked in and the rest of the shift was sitting there with mouths wide open, I saw what was on tv and was stunned. We all packed the tv room and watched as the second plane hit. We pretty much stayed there unless we were out on a call, at which time we had the radio on in the truck or med unit. One EMS run the patient actually asked us to turn up the radio so he could hear it in the back while we were working on him enroute to the ER.

    Later that day several of my shift partners found coverage for the shift and loaded up in a van to head to NYC to help. They ended up staying a couple days, they were at ground zero, but not allowed to assist in any recovery, only support for the guys who were there. The stories they came back with were unbelievable.
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    My dad had just come out of the hospital the night before after some serious heart surgery and I was spending the night at his house. I woke up that morning, dad was already up watching the news. I saw smoke coming from the tower and I asked him what happened. He said that a plane had struck the building. I remember assuming it was a small plane and I wondered how in the heck someone could not see and avoid something that big. About then, the second plane struck and I knew that this was an intentional act.

    I spent the rest of that day and the next glued to the television.
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    I had just walked back in the house after walking my son to school, my now Ex called and said they were hearing that a plane flew into the World Trade Center.

    I thought small plane? I turned on the t.v. just in time to see the first tower collapse.

    I called Ex back and told him it was 2 commercial airlines, and probably deliberate.

    I called my mother, who was still working for SPAWAR to see what was happening there. They were in high-alert, and deciding whether to send civilians home. She ended up being sent home, and came over to my place. We watched CNN for a while, then decided to walk over to Denny's for lunch. There was a sort of hushed intensity there, and I wondered if WWIII was about to start.

    I decided right then, that when I went back to work full time, it would be in some sort of law enforcement support position, or civil service with the military.
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    I was in bed sleeping after working the night shift. My mom called and told me to turn the T.V. on to CNN. I just sat at the end of the bed and watched with this felling of being numb.
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    I was on one of my regular days off. I slept in a bit, got up, and turned on the TV in time to catch the early reports about the first plane. By the time the second one hit, I knew it wasn't an accident.

    When the Pentagon got hit, I turned on my portable which could scan the regional emergency channel, and started waiting for the phone to ring. I wasn't able to catch all of it -- but I listened to a lot of the radio traffic at the Pentagon.

    The next couple of weeks were eerie with no planes up except for military overflights.

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    That morning our lead EMT, our patrol Lieutenant and one of our two Captains were in Albany attending a seminar on critical incidents. The first plane flew over my courthouse and the explosion rattled the windows. The Major grabbed a couple of EMTs, our perimeter patrol jumped on bus and headed to the site. That left one Captain, myself and one other senior Sergeant to coordinate the evacuation of two courthouses and take control of the streets surrounding them. The hardest part of the day came later in the day when our central headquarters staff moved up from the battery area to our office......we still had working phones......my assignment was to contact hospital emergency rooms, looking for our missing officers..........by 11 that evening I was down to the last working phone and most of the ERs didn't have many injured....that's when the realization of the number of dead set in....spent the next tour on the street, keeping the people moving north and away from the WTC.

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    I remember I was in grade 5. We were all working on some worksheets, and all of us just knew something had happened and was going on, but we weren't sure what. I remember the teachers kept talking to eachother a lot. Later on, I remember my teacher asked us to all get to the back of the room and gather around the corner. She was sitting on a desk and I remember her exact words, "Terrorists are attacking the United States". After that, we all were told to get back to our desks and continue with the work sheets. None of us had any idea the severity of it at all. I didn't know until I got home from school that day and saw it on the news. I was in a state of shock, disbelief, sadness and anger all at the same time.
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