It has come to my attention recently that our badge bunny count has been increasing. This is not going to continue. As a matter of fact, I am serving warning now. This is the line. Consider this an addendum to the Terms Of Service for

-At no time shall one member address another member in a sexual manner in any thread in any public forum. is meant to be a place where Law Enforcement issues are discussed and Law Enforcement Officers can come to exchange information and ideas with each other and the public at large without feeling pressured or embarassed. Anything that jeopardizes that premise will not be tolerated.

-At no time shall any member address another member in such a way or manner that the other member is likely to find offensive. If any advance of any type or form is made and rejected, the member who made the advancement will understand that the advancement was and is unwanted and undesired. Any further advancement brought to the attention of Site Staff will result in disciplinary action to include, but not be limited to, immediate banning.

There may be additions to this as more problems arise. I am not playing with this issue and the rest of the Site Staff will not either. The actions named above will be addressed. Please understand, this is not meant to cause discomfort. This is meant to protect the LEO's on this site from situations that can cause them to be embarrassed or, in worse case scenario, to be fired.

Thank you,
Conalabu (Jim)
Head of the Moderating Team.