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    My Apology to the World

    * Found this on another forum I visit*
    My Apology To the World
    On behalf of the United States of America, I would like to apologize to the rest of the world

    To the rest of the world I'm sorry.
    Sorry that my forefathers had the balls to start a new free country
    Sorry that my country has more freedom then any other on this planet
    I'm sorry that we fight back when attacked, but you know damn well you'd do the same
    Sorry that instead of fighting your own fights you expect us to fight them for you
    Sorry that our men and women have died alongside yours to make you free, and some never came back home
    I'm sorry that because of our men and women you speak your native tongue instead of another
    Sorry that my country isn't governed by a "royal family" or a dictator
    Sorry that in my country everyone has the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
    I'm sorry that when shit hits the fan anywhere in the world we're almost always the first ones there to make it right
    Sorry that you're ungrateful to us, when you wish you could be just like us
    Sorry that you think we should bend over backwards, give up our native tongue, and learn another to please someone who can't be bothered to learn our language or our culture but still wants to live here.
    I'm sorry that we're not here to kiss your ass... hell we're really not here to even save it, but we'll do our damndest to save it because that's what you expect us to do.

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    Whew... thought this was a suicide note or something. I was gonna say "damn, it's Friday... why ruin the weekend??"

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    We could use that here too!!

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    The best part of that post is the quote from Rudyard Kipling.
    To be born an Englishman, is to be a winner in the Lottery of Life.

    I've Talked the Talk and I've Walked the Walk, now I Sit the Sit!

    It's not until you look at an Ant through a magnifying glass on a sunny day, that you realise just how often they burst into flames for no reason!



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