I took this from one of my other groups...sorry if it's a repost...

To some:
I'm the guy who put your daddy in jail.
I'm the guy you'll NEVER call even when your friend is down, shot by a rival Gang member.
I'm the guy who's constantly harrassing you while you're trying to hustle or sell dope to make some money.
I'm the guy who keeps arresting all of your friends.

To Some:
I'm the guy who went into the house Because you saw someoine inside when you got home.
I'm the guy who searched for your son for 13 hours even though I had been on shift all night already.
I'm the guy who talked the guy down at your sisters convenience store when he was trying to rob the place.
I'm the guy who came and took the report when your car was stolen.
I'm the guy who helped you out of the car and to the Ambulance when you were hit by a drunk driver.

To some:
I'm the kid who cried all the way home cause the others wouldn't play kickball with me.
I'm the kid who was up all night clutching a blanket and a teddy bear cause I didn't feel good.
I'm the Kid who stumbled on his way across the stage at my 8th grade Graduation cause my gown was too long, but kept on smiling.
I'm the kid who was scared to death to go to the dentist.
I'm the kid who never wanted to get a shot
I'm the kid who buried all his brothers Hot Wheels in the sandbox cause I was mad at him.
I'm the Kid who you thought would NEVER graduate high school. but I did.
I'm the kid that you didn't want to see you cry when I went to Basic Training
I'm the kid that cried like a baby when his daughter was born.

But to everyone else. I'm just a guy. I'm not that kid. I'm not that annoying cop or that shining example of what a hero should be. I'm just a cop and that all. Like me or hate me. I don't really care. I just felt like this needed to be said. So who am i to you?