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    Jack Brown appeal

    Oldbillplod, a UK LEO at another forum, posted this and I thought the more people who are aware of this the better. It's about a little boy, Jack Brown, who was suffering from a rare form of cancer, and is the child of two London Metropolitan police officers. Unfortunately the treatment that little Jack receives can only be given from a hospital in New York, this is the reason that the cost is so much.

    The charity http://www.jackbrownappeal.org/ is still up and
    running and there have been several events in which money has been raised to help assist in his continued treatment.

    Metropolitan police officers ran last years New York marathon and they have just completed a sponsored bicycle ride with the assistance of Providence, Cranston and NYPD officers which raised $150,000 for the charity.

    However more money is needed and as a result at least 50 officers from the Metropolitan police will be coming to New York at the beginning of May next year to help keep the fund healthy.
    They will be running a relay around Central Park dressed in uniform (with bobby hats) covering approximately 30 miles each over two days, this will be with the assistance of the NYPD.

    Oldbillplod will be one of those officers and would be grateful for any support and I believe spreading the message is just as important as donating a $1 or 2.


    For below attachment, click on ABC Brit Bobbies, in the middle of the screen. ~ http://www.teamcontinuum.net/media.asp

    Thank you in advance.

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    Unfortunately the treatment that little Jack receives can only be given from a hospital in New York, this is the reason that the cost is so much.
    Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

    "...Jack's parents, both Detective Sergeants at the Metropolitan Police, have moved their family, including his brother Connor, 10, and sister Rhian, 7, to the US..."
    Jack is currently in treatment at SKC.

    "...They are staying in a room at Ronald McDonald House, which provides a "home away from home" for families whose children are undergoing treatment at nearby hospitals..."
    "...$750,000 is urgently needed to complete this treatment..."

    October 24, 2007 Update on Jack's condition:

    "...We took Jack to Great Ormond Street Hospital on Tuesday, the only suggestion forthcoming was radiation to the sites of the new tumours and maintenance low dose chemo. Jack has never responded well to Chemotherapy, and the likelihood is that we would use his final bag of stem cells, with little response, it therefore seemed sensible to enquire about further Mibg therapy although it's highly toxic, this worked two years ago, the back lash of the toxicity in future years was something we no longer have to think about. Our consultant agreed to fix an appointment for us to See Dr. Gaze once again at UCH-London.

    Dr Gaze fitted us in the very next day. He is a very soft spoken man with the most gentle and comforting manner. Jack will be admitted on Monday 29th October. The radioactive Isotope will be injected on Tuesday 30th and he will remain in Isolation until at least Saturday. There will be a one week break before being repeated in two weeks time. Our hope is that we will be able to give Jack, Connor and Rhian one last wonderful Christmas together. We are under no illusions, every day is precious..."
    Personal note: Having been through two separate treatment periods for myself and one for my wife, things are not looking too well young Jack's treatment regimen. Prayers and good thoughts are in the need as well as monies to help this family.
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    Prayers for Jack and his family...



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