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Thread: Flooded!!!

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    What a day today has been here! I got my kids off to school and then went to Costco. Was only gone about 90 minutes and came back to my kitchen and most of living room under water. UGH!!! Took me awhile to figure out where it was coming from. The water line in fridge had busted. Took out about 100 gallons of water........guys were here until just a few ago trying to dry up walls, cabinets, and carpet. They will be back tomorrow cuz they said we need a lot more equipment. Would be nice to get new carpet as we were just talking about it. All baseboards are being replaced, some walls, and paint. Water even went through wall and garage was flooded. PITA!!!

    Thank GOD for homeowners insurance!

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    That sucks. Good luck getting it all taken care of.
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