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Thread: My apology

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    My apology

    I would like to publicly apologize to Terminator and to anyone else who was annoyed or offended by what I posted in the thread about my stupid questions, or by anything else I’ve posted, for that matter. I know Terminator started the thread as a joke, and that most of what he does to me is meant in jest, to make the forum interesting. The freewheeling humor of the forum is one of the things I value about it, and I am willing to take the jokes that are directed at me.

    I know that I can be banned at any time and I’m grateful that I haven't been. I really love this forum and respect Terminator a great deal for all the skill and work he put into it. I also respect him a great deal for his integrity—he has always kept his promises to me and kept confidential everything that I told him in confidence, even when he has been angry at me. I am trying not to do anything to offend Terminator or anyone else here, and when I do it is out of cluelessness and not malice. So I hope that he, and all of you, will accept my apology.

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    Thread closed.



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