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Thread: New Definitions

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    New Definitions

    The Washington Post recently asked readers to create a new word by dropping the first letter of an existing word. Some of our favorite entries:

    Amished: Hungering for a simpler way of life.

    Ammogram: A loaded message.

    Atheter: An even worth medical applianth.

    Ho's Who: National registry of prominent hookers.

    Iarrhea: Running on about oneself.

    Ickpocket: A place to put your used Kleenex.

    Idwife: Every guy's dream.

    Oreplay: Laying the groundwork for entering the mineshaft.

    Ouch-and-go: A dominatrix's house call.

    Oxtrot: A particularly ungraceful "Dancing With the Stars" performance.

    Riminal: A man who doesn't clean up his toilet dribble.

    Riskies: Chinese-made cat food.

    Unich: German city voted World's Safest Town for Women.

    Urple: The color of vomit.
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    ha, those are great!



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