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    DOD Police Officer arrested for rape

    My buddy is a DOD Police Officer at Naval Base Ventura County, Ca. and he has informed me one of their officers was arrested last week by Oxnard Police Department for PC 261- Rape.

    Although, I never saw the article in the paper and I can't find it, it has been verified by two of the DOD Police Officers and an Oxnard PD Officer.

    My buddy has been critical of DOD Police hiring practices and the running of their police department. He is a former deputy sheriff who was retired after his shooting. Quite intelligent , he found a "loophole" where he can still collect his retirement and workas a cop! since federal police officers are not "peace officers" in the state of california but "law enforcement officers"

    It makes me wonder about DOD Police...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pc830cop View Post

    It makes me wonder about DOD Police...

    What does it make you wonder about? No system is infallible even state or municipal. There was an officer from my old department who was arrested for molesting young boys and is now doing time in Arizona. I know of a few troopers up here that have been arrested for sexual assault. There have also been officers from the local PD arrested for kiddie porn.

    Any department can have a problem child and there is nothing the process can do to stop that, it has been proven by the above examples.
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    Don't be so quick to judge. One of my good buddys at the Sheriff's Department was accused of rape. He was charged, put in jail, and now he can't be a cop anywhere ever again.

    It was then discovered during the trial that the "victim" was making the whole thing up and she did, in fact, have consentual sex with him. The case was dismissed. But he still can't be a cop ever again because the investigation itself goes on his police record. Total bullshit, IMO and I'm always skeptical when someone accuses a cop of rape now.
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