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    A Mythical Indian Exposed...........

    Some of you may be old enough to recall this man. He went by the name of Iron Eyes Cody. His website casts him as a true Native American - Wrong! http://www.ironeyescody.org/

    "...Born Espera DeCorti in 1904, he was, rather, 100 percent Italian. In 1924, when he started working in the motion picture industry, he changed his name to Cody. He did usually dress in Indian garb, and did his best to maintain the fiction of his origins, even after his birth records were promulgated by a relative.

    In Cody's defense, he pledged his life to Native causes, and married Bertha Parker, an Indian woman. By all accounts, he was generally accepted by the Indian community, even if many of them knew his true ancestry..."

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    Remember well,he was in many,many movies but is best remember as the "crying Indian" on an anti liteer/pollution t.v. commercial.I had read somewhere many years ago about him being Italian,guess thats why they call it acting.



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