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    First Bad Web Merchant Experience

    Just had my first real problem with an online merchant. Company is called FotoConnection.com. Was looking for a good 35mm digital camera. Found a good deal through a Google search. Placed order and then they tried to sell me every attachment known and after two weks of e-mails and phone calls, I canceled the order. I see now that they charged my credit card for almost twice as much. I did a BBB search of this company and they have about 200 complaints in the past year alone. I will be sticking to major companies like CompUSA, Best Buy, etc. when I buy something else online.

    Stay away from FotoConnection.com
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    Funny you should mention them! I too was looking for some camera gear and did a google search. Fotoconnection popped up with some interesting prices. So, I did a google on them before making a purchase and saw this:


    Changed my mind in a heartbeat!!!

    Thanks for the additional headsup.
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    I have found that B&H photo is the best to deal with. They have some of the best prices quick turn around on your order and good sales. They also have used photo equipment a very good prices.



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