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    Why domestic violence?

    Why are so many people violent against their spouses and lovers?

    The thread about how 23.6 percent of women and 11.5 of men have experienced domestic violence got me thinking about this. It's pretty scary.

    It's especially strange when people who are not violent against strangers, acquaintances friends, and co-workers are violent against the people they love the most. Why?

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    My answer to that is based on experience and speculation really.

    I would say that domestic assault isn't more prevalent than any other type of assault. I would say I have handled MANY MANY more misdemeanor, non acquiantance assaults than domestic assaults. Maybe thats my opinion because I work in a college bar town, maybe not.

    I think domestic assaults are discussed more, and brought into the limelight more because domestic murders are commonly (I'd almost say always) as a result of a past pattern of domestic abuse.

    I don't have numbers or figures in front of me, but I believe (off the top of my head) domestic murders (husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend) are the most common type of murder in the U.S. (correct me if I'm wrong). And the vast majority of those murders are a culmination of a past pattern of domestic abuse.
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    Some is about control.

    Some is because they spend more time together than they do with anyone else.

    Some is because they are idiots.
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    Emotion is involved, and a whole bunch of other issues that would take up a book. Familiarity. Perceived safety on the part of the offender. Control issues.

    Jenna, google up "domestic violence cycle"

    Interestingly enough, the most violent and hate filled domestic violence calls in this area are often gay, lesbian, or bi related.

    That tends to make me lean towards emotional issues - some of which are probably external from society.
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