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    Thanks to officers

    I was sent this and thought it was worth sharing..

    This was a letter posted in the Dallas Morning News. What I want
    ya'll to get from this is every time you get out of the car you are
    being watched. By being professional and doing their jobs these
    officers made life better for one man and also a lot of brother
    officers out there who will benefit from the positive PR.

    Thanks to officers

    On Dec. 20, I was driving north on the Dallas North Tollway when a
    truck driver going south on the tollway crashed into the median and
    threw a cinder-block size portion of the median through my passenger-
    side windshield, striking my brother, Billy, in the left temple and
    killing him.

    I am writing this to thank the Texas Department of Public Safety and
    the Dallas Police Department for their care and professionalism while
    dealing with this tragic accident.

    I sat on the tollway with my brother's body in my car for several
    hours waiting for the medical examiner to finish her investigation at
    the scene.

    While I waited, the Dallas police and the Texas Highway Patrol
    officers treated me very special. I saw no color or gender in these
    officers. They talked with me, they calmed me, they consoled me,
    while all the time going about the business of working a very chaotic
    accident scene.

    As an African-American male, I have not always had the proper
    appreciation for the work police officers and state troopers do. I do

    The death of my brother on that tollway has taught me these officers
    are wonderful people doing a very difficult job every day. The Texas
    Department of Public Safety still keeps in touch with my family, even
    now. I pray God's blessings on these special men and women in the
    Dallas Police Department and the Texas Highway Patrol.

    Anthony E. Bond, Irving

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    Great post. I wish more folks had his state of mind, without the death of a loved one of course.
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