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    New Hillshire Deli Wraps

    Okay just a review here.

    So I am getting bored with the same o' food all the time, so I bought a New Hillshire Deli Wraps kit from the meat/deli section at the market. $2.99

    The selection I made was the Turkey & Bacon Club. The kit includes smokehouse turkey breast (rectangular chunks), bacon crumbles, cheddar cheese, creamy ranch dressing, and (2) tomato basil tortillas.

    You mix the turkey, bacon, cheese and ranch together in the bowl that it comes in (I only used have the ranch) and then spread on tortillas.

    Outcome- NOT TO FREAKING BAD! it was good but I dont think it was overly healthy.

    (1) Tortilla made w/the dressing 300 cal. 140 from fat if I would have had without dressing it would been 220 cal. 70 from fat

    I am average size, there is no way one would satisfy so of course I ate both (600 Cal.)

    So overall it was okay, tasted good, price not overly good, healthiness not so, (But remember it is processed food, cant expect teh world)

    Okay carry on

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    Yup, not too bad!

    I've had the Ceasar and Southwest too.

    I just put a little of the dressing on the tortilla, I don't mix it in.
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