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    LE Agencies going metro;your take please

    This is something I've had a great interest in. I've talked it over with some of the guys while on shift to get their opinions, now I want yours. I've seen some city and sheriff offices consolidating and becoming 1 agency. I think 1 good factor is the shortage of personnel nation wide from locals to the feds. Some of my friends say it wouldn't be good for where we are (Baton Rouge) because it would be one big power struggle. Also, Louisiana still operates on the "good ole' boy" system. I know Indianapolis went metro a year ago and I read that Memphis Pd and their county S.O. are "talking" about doing it. How do the admin people divide the power? Who's in charge the Chief of PD or the Sheriff? Does it help make their budget bigger?

    Just want to hear your thoughts;pro or con

    Thank ya'll

    Swamp Mafia

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    In every Metro agency I am aware of, the Sheriff heads the department.

    Constitutionally speaking in most western States this is a requirement, as the Sheriff is designated the chief law enforcement officer of a county.

    I have long been a supporter of the idea.
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    Hiya, Tiger.

    In Louisiana, by State law, the Sheriff is THE chief law enforcement officer of his/her Parish, and therefore would be the "boss" in any such consolidation.

    As to the admin types, it would be up to the Sheriff who he keeps or decides not to keep. He (or she) can hire some (or all) of the PD admins, and place them wherever, or choose not to hire some (or all) of them. (Remember, he/she's the boss.) And just because an officer is maybe a Captain with their PD, does not necessarily mean that they will be hired by the Sheriff, or hired with that same rank. They may end up being road deputies if hired.

    As to the financial end of it, it would likely have to be an inter-governmental agreement between the Sheriff and whichever local government supplies the operating funds for the individual PD's.

    It would certainly behoove the Sheriff to have a good working relationship with the cities and towns within the Parish, since they may be looking at complete consolidation which would mean abolishing all of the PD's.

    This took place in Iberia Parish a couple of years ago, and the New Iberia PD was all but done away with, except for a very small handful of officers. The Sheriff did hire a number of the PD people and took over the responsibility of covering the Parish as well as the City of New Iberia.

    The city pays the Sheriff an annual fee for patrolling and handling calls within the city.

    Hope this helps answer your question.

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    California is like Washington. The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the County.

    My department provides law enforcement and traffic enforcement to nine contract cities. There's only one that I know of that had a PD before us, the city went bankrupt, and the Sheriff took over. I think they hired in just about everyone that was with the local PD.
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    In Mississippi a similar situation has occurred in the Capitol City of Jackson. The police chief was removed from office and the city council has hired the long term Hinds County Sheriff, which is were Jackson is located, as Chief of Police.

    The agencies have not actually been combined but the same person is leading both departments. This was approved by the state AG's office prior to being done. Too early to tell but from a distance law enforcement in the city seems to be improving somewhat. Others on this forum closer to the action may want to comment on this.

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    Sheriff is also the chief law enforcement officer in the county per state law. I'm not sure I like the idea.
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