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Thread: Women!!!!

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    that was perfect when he walked right past the fat chick with that goofy smile on his face.. i laughed for about 30 seconds straight.

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    michiganstud Guest
    That was my favorite part too

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    MountainCop Guest
    I first saw this clip about 3 years ago - and it's STILL funny as hell!

    True, but funny!

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    ninjamom Guest
    A day in the life of WambaughWeeder.

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    MountainCop Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ninjamom
    A day in the life of WambaughWeeder.
    Actually, a day in the life of MountainCop many years ago!

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    Cris1102 Guest
    That is freakin HILARIOUS!!!! And helpful too. (Just kidding)

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    Signal_W Guest
    I like that, it seems he has been through some things



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