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    Fondest Parental Memories

    Shoestrings thread about him and Jr. got me to thinking.

    What is your fondest parental memory?I lost both my parents when I was in my early 20s so dont have quite as many,but my favorite was when I was about 8 y/o,Dad took me and my older brother(also now deceased) to the local ball park to play some baseball,older brother lobbed a slow underhander to me which I actually connected to GOOD,it went down the 3rd base line and dad went running after it.Now this 3rd base line is where the water fountain was located(not on the line ,about 10 feet away against the fence),this water fountain had also been leaking for 8 years that I knew of,well dad hit the puddle and proceeded to slip,slide,tumble,and roll for about 30-40 feet.When we got home,brother walked in(all clean),I walk in clean,than Dad walks in,mud from head to toe,the look on moms face was priceless.

    I have another I will post later.

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    Feeding birds at the beach with my mother when I was a teenager. They were among the few times I can remember her being happy.

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    When I was a wee lad, dad took me on his motorcycle up to the other side of town. That was cool as hell.

    My latest memory of my dad holds a very special spot as well. Back in '06, he fell ill. We still haven't figured out what it is that he has, but that is being worked on.

    Anyway, he wasn't able to be at home alone and I was working nights at the time as I had just got a promotion. So I'd get off work and go spend some time with my dad so mom could go to work. It was an interesting time. Almost like a reversal of roles. Instead of him watching over me, taking me places and makings sure I was safe, I was doing all that for him.

    Looking back on that, I'm glad I was able to do that for him. He's gotten a little better now, so he can be at home alone. They are going to the Mayo Clinic next month and hopefully they can figure out what is wrong.

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    My parents taking me and my sister bike riding on the trails to see the deer at Belle Isle park in Detroit when we were maybe 5 and 8. After riding bikes, we'd have a picnic and by then it would start to get dark, so we'd go to the big fountain there and watch it change colors after getting ice cream from the Good Humor truck.

    Also the first Thanksgiving in my memory that my dad didn't have to work, which was the year he retired.

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    I would have to say mine are with my dad. I have so many memories of going car racing with him and the late nights of driving home from the races, talking about his old times and just listening to oldies on the radio. I have a few with my mom, last Easter her and I had a spa day. Which was a miracle because my mom was not around for about 9 years of our lives, so it was weird and nice to have that bonding moment with her ( at the age of 22 for me). Better late than never!!
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    With my Dad, my fondest memory is when we went goose hunting my senior year of High School. It was just a special day.

    With my Mom, it's the memory of sitting at home with her and playing the game "Trouble." My Dad worked second shift when I was in school, and my Mom had terminal cancer, so I took care of her at night.
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    Sunday morning brunches.....Mom N Dad dancing, laughing, N singing to their music....



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