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    The birds win again.

    The birds (House Wrens to be exact) have beat me to the punch again this year as they've built a nest by my carport lights and I won't be able to turn them on till the eggs are hatched and the fledgings leave the nest, which will be at least 4-5 weeks or more. In the meantime I'll have to postpone any after dark carport activity and use my front or side doors 'cause I don't want to scare the pair off from a nest full of eggs.
    I try to discourage them from building their nest in this area, but they get bolder every year and let me know who's the boss. At least they're not cheapskates and pay for their rent with their cheery bubbling chatter.

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    I have something like the same problem....I'd like to make them go away but haven't got the heart. I do love the birdsong in the yard though....my grandkids also like it.

    I have a hummingbird nest out in the back too...gotta get my feeder up.

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    I have a boatload of mockingbirds, cardinals, robins, finches, blue jays, some kind of black bird, and now catbirds that have overtaken my yard. I put out enough food for the small army that they are, and squirrel food, too. The young squirrels are getting bolder and are just cute as hell. What with the 100 degree days already starting (damnit!) I'll probably be setting up a good sized birdbath soon, too. Then again, a kiddie pool is looking more and more inviting....
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