This is a great financial calculator. If you want to see a pretty close estimate on what your earnings will be when you retire, click on this link, then look for the appropriate calculator that applies to your investments (401K, 457 etc.), enter your most current numbers on your contributions statement, and follow the other prompts such as retirement age.. etc. You will be surprised at how little or how much you can make, depending on your deferred percentage. Try it and see if your portfolio needs a boost.

I did this about 2 yrs ago and realized I wasnt making much of a dent towards retirement. I was only contributing about 7%, and wasnt taking too much of a risk. I upped it to 15% and went with international equities as a 40% chunk of my portfolio, and my numbers skyrocketed. From $21,000 in October 2005 to $73,000 in 2008. I shifted in the beginning of this year, everything I had in high risk and put it in stable income, and when the housing market tanked hard, I only lost about 2 grand. Since then I earned it back. I have 10 yrs to go, and if I go with the maximum contribution, I can easily have about 500 grand by 62. The max is a bit too steep for me right now, so Im sticking with just 15%. I still have 10 yrs to go so anything can change by then.

Even if you dont understand what your investments should be like through payroll deduction, this calculator can give you a better picture of what your financial future could look like at your present rate of contributions.

Good Luck.