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    Donde esta la biblioteca?

    I've always been fairly proficient in speaking spanish (about a 2 out of 5, I guess), but I've recently decided that I want to get super fluent...I did the Rosetta Stone levels 1 and 2 (they were ok, but it's too hard to learn the little grammatical rules with just straight up emersion), but this site has really been helpful in getting me to re-learn how to speak properly (in the right tense, irregular verbs, etc). They have a free program (which I've been using cause I'm a cheap-ass bastard), but considering how much I've learned, I'm thinking seriously about plunking down the cash to buy the CD's.
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    Interesting site, Bob, thanks

    My dad, I miss him every day.

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    Took Spanish in HS for a few years, then in college needed to take a foreign language, so I figured for an easy "A" take Spanish. Well the first semester in college went well beyond all I learned in HS. Since the second semester was also required I dreaded it and it was no fun and games. The Professor even said, you need to speak proper english in order to speak proper Spanish. Thankfully made it thru, did not damage my grade point average too much. This was all before I went into the Police Academy in 1986, by the time I hit the streets I forgot most of my learned spanish but did pick up the necessary spanish.

    I always did find the best language barrier you can have is your handcuffs, Comprende? No hablo ingles? LOL!!

    Good luck with learning your espanol, hook up with a hispanic partner so you can practice all day!

    Take care, stay safe!



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