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    Our local mall greeters.

    Just a few of the better dressed greeters who meet us at the doors and hang out in our local mall from the time school closes in the spring till it reopens in the fall.

    Link http://www.ajc.com/news/content/news...s_arrests.html

    Has this chief got the right, idea or is he going too far?

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    If their bodies are covered, he's going to get his ass kicked trying to enforce that.

    If their actual ass is hanging out, it poses an interesting question.
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    oh that is soo cool that you have the circus in town!!!!

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    Michigan police chief: Wear saggy pants, get arrested
    Flint's top cop calls it 'immoral self-expression,' but others fear racial implications

    Newhouse News Service
    Published on: 06/27/08
    This city's new police chief is saying no to crack.

    Interim Flint Police Chief David R. Dicks announced this week that officers will begin arresting people wearing pants or shorts that sag too low, exposing rear ends.

    "This immoral self-expression goes beyond free speech," Dicks said in a statement released Thursday. "It rises to the crime of indecent exposure/disorderly persons."

    It's a style that irks many a few cities nationwide have outlawed the rear-revealing pants (the Atlanta City Council proposed a ban amid much debate, but the plan was ultimately tabled). However, the order also raises serious questions about how it would be enforced, whether it disproportionately targets young black men and whether ultra-low riders should be considered constitutionally protected.

    Is Dicks going too far?

    Greg Gibbs, an American Civil Liberties Union attorney in Flint, said how people wear their clothing is a form of expression but cautions that not all of those forms are protected by the Constitution.

    "The issue is: Does it violate the First Amendment?" Gibbs asked.

    Some Flint residents are all for busting those who go bottoms out.

    "It's overdue," said Sam Berry, 73, of Flint.

    Gwendolyn R. Allen, 72, of Flint agreed: "It's so disgusting ... It's disgraceful."

    Claude Carter, 49, of Flint sees the issue differently, though. He said wearing pants in that manner is a fad not a crime.

    "I see young and old wearing their pants that way," said Carter.

    The crackdown on buttocks is an apparent response to "significant" complaints from citizens, according to Dicks.

    Under the chief's orders, any sworn officer who sees "sagging/exposing buttocks" will have probable cause to make an arrest under the city's disorderly person ordinance a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine and three months in jail.

    Flint NAACP President Frances Gilcreast is no fan of the style but worries about police focusing on young black men.

    "My concern is how (the policy) will be applied equitably," Gilcreast said.

    Some Flint police officers, however, aren't too sure how they will enforce it. "What about 'plumber's crack'?" said Keith Speer, president of the Flint Police Officers Association.

    In the past, Speer said, officers would issue warnings if too much skin was showing but reserved the handcuffs for full moons.

    "Most of the time, if they're wearing sagging pants, they're also wearing boxers," he said.

    Memo notwithstanding, Speer doesn't expect any big changes in how officers handle the issue.

    "It's like issuing a memo telling officers to enforce the law," Speer said. "Are we going to get a memo every time somebody complains?"

    OMG, Believe me I do not get that style of pants nor do I understand the concept of wearing them so low or having the crouch at the knees, regardless, to make them illegal to wear? Geez! For the most part with those pants I do not notice more skin, they usually wear another pair of pants under those or boxers, hence no indecent exposure.

    Can you imagine having to go to court for this. In NY we issue a summons for tinted windows if they are too dark, we use a tint meter to measure the tint. I am laughing thinking of testimony for to elaborate how much butt crack was showing, "Well your honor to determine how many inches were showing, we used a department issued Butt Crack Meter. LOL!!

    Is Dicks going too far? Ya think!

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    Is Dicks going too far?
    The crackdown on buttocks...
    Mr. Reporter is trying to flair his writing style.

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    I think they'd be better off starting a "caption this" contest, and post backview photos for the public to comment on.
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