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Thread: ESPY

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    So anyone that watches ESPN has seen that a person is saying Tiger Woods should not be nominated for Athlete of the Year because he is a golf player...

    What do you think?

    I think Tiger is the greatest golf player of the year, not to mention, he is in great shape besides having to have knee surgery.

    I think he is more than worthy of being athlete of the year, shoot he would school me in darn near anything, the kid is buiilt!
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    By definition, golf is an athletic event. The prize monies earned by the professional golfers are just that - earned! They have sponsors and contracts, but when it comes to ability, agility, performance, skill and stamina, they prove weekly their athletic prowess is above the norm. Tiger has worked very hard to become what he is. He works to maintain a great image of physical conditioning. His thought processes and skills far exceed those of his peers and he has proven himself to be a proud, yet humble, expression of a human being. yes! He deserves to be recognized as Athlete of the Year.
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    Should someone be athlete of the year if he wins the World Series of Poker? Where do you draw the line on what is a "sport" or not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vengeance05 View Post
    Should someone be athlete of the year if he wins the World Series of Poker? Where do you draw the line on what is a "sport" or not?
    And what about the National Spelling Bee, which is also broadcast on ESPN?



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