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    Remember when? Part 2..............

    (Thanks Shoestring for the inspiration)

    Remember when you were a kid, drinking out of a hose etc ( ).........you could ramble thru the woods all day long and no one worried? As long as you were home before dark everything was ok, right?

    Now with cell phones, pagers, text messages, links, IM's, blackberries, blueberries, and all that other crap........if you can't be gotten in touch with IMMEDIATELY, they want to send out the rescue wagons.

    What the hell?

    A week in the woods without my cell phone/pager, etc would be a vacation to me. Have we really gotten this dependant?
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    My cell phone is pretty much a part of me. Iit sounds dumb but I normally keep it on vibrate now, if I hear it I hear it if not, whatever. I'm done with it controlling my life. I also may sound dumb but I sometimes have no cell phone Fridays. It's my de-stress day and I just leave it someplace or place it on silent and forget about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonsterMash View Post

    Have we really gotten this dependant?

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    There's really only one person who texts me on a regular basis, and i don't mind it. I rarely get a phone call, but i hate missing texts from her so i carry it around as much as possible.

    I used to NEVER carry it though.

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    I keep mine on Mon-Fri. Fri nite when the boyfriend comes over the phone goes off.

    My dad, I miss him every day.

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    I remember, alright. When as long as you were home by the time the street lights went on, you were fine. My mom also said I had to stay in shouting distance of the house so I could here her call me in. I still remember hearing her yell for me. THAT was our "cell phone".

    One would think being restricted to the range of my mother's voice would keep me pretty close to the house. Luckily, my mom was pretty loud. I could even hear her calling for me in those long-forgotten woods.
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    My Mom had a yell she'd let out. I swear you could hear her for a mile. Probably not really quite that far, but if we were close, we definitely heard her. We knew it meant come home now. We wandered fairly far from home. Even at early ages (I'm recollecting from age 10 and up). We were fairly self-sufficient. Hell, when the nearest house a friend lived at was a half mile or more away, you wandered.

    If she had to get hold of us at school, she called the school office. I remember once when she had a horrible car accident and suffered pretty bad injuries. I think I was in the third grade. The local resident state trooper showed up at school and took me and my sister home. He even stayed with us until another neighbor could take charge of us. A cell phone wouldn't have helped. In fact, it would have probably made the whole situation worse.

    But, it was a different time. We would stay after school for whatever reason and we knew Mom would pick us up. We were pretty safe. I can't remember anyone ever getting grabbed up by a predator. We'd walk and bike all over the town and often times be miles from home. The people driving by would eyeball us to make sure we were okay, and sometimes give us a lift. We knew almost all of the people in town and we were a bit more trusting.
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    My mom had a cowbell that she'd clang the shit out of when it was time to come home. You could hear that thing 6 blocks away.

    I am getting to the point where I think I'm gonna junk my cell phone and get a house phone. My phone rings pretty consistently from 10 am to about 2 am Sun through Sat. It's ridiculous. I'm tired of hearing it ring and even more tired of answering.
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    I remember running around town barefoot as a kid. We would travel miles on foot or bike with no worries. Me and my brothers used to ride over 5 miles just to go to the watering hole and use the rope swing.. no worries. My how times have changed.
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    I turn it on Monday morning and it's on 7:00AM to 5:00PM Mon-Fri. I don't use it nights or weekends. When I quit working the phone goes too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmur5074 View Post
    My mom had a cowbell that she'd clang the shit out of when it was time to come home. You could hear that thing 6 blocks away.

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    Funny clip Jenna!

    I remember roaming all over the place as a kid, my younger sisters and I would virtually disappear on Sunday afternoons. We would ride our bikes, roller-skate, or just take our dog on a really long walk all over town. We had 3 different parks to choose from or we would go to the High School, the quad and cafeteria patio were perfect for roller skating. I remember being only 11 the first time I rode my bike 3 miles from my parents house to my grandparents ranch. I did it a couple times a week after that and no one had a problem with it. I miss those carefree times.
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