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    Where were you on the morning of 9/11/01?

    It'll be seven years ago tomorrow morning when my daughter called and said "quick dad turn on your TV!!!"
    There aren't many events that've happened where I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the moment I heard the news.
    I can remember just a few, but none are locked in my memory as tight as 9/11/01.

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    My first wife(of 29 years) died on 05/14/2001,quite unexpected.I had a mild heart attack 7/15/2001,on Sept 10 2001,I could not sleep for nuthin.,I got up and went to a casino about 45 minutes away ,around 0300,got home around 0745 (or so) ,turned on the t.v. while I got ready to lay down for a while and HOLY SHIT,saw the #2 hit.

    Guess what???? still no sleep.

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    way out sw fl by the everglades. im over it
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    Was at work & we heard somebody yell down the hall turn on the tv... so my unit went to my sgt's office clicked it on & we must've stood there in his office with our jaws dropped & eyes glued to the tv speechless for at least 2 hours... saw both towers fall... very sad day.

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    I was in class at college when somebody said they heard that a plane hit one of the WTC's. It came across like it was a little plane, a "hope nobody was hurt," kinda situation.

    Got back from class a short time later and my neighbor says, "can you fucking believe it!!?!??!"

    I watched TV for a few minutes, and the first thing out of my mouth was, "we are going to war."

    Then I went into my room and I cried a little...and prayed a lot.


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    a handbasket...guess where we're going...
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    just had walked into the station for "just another day at the office"...secretary came running over and said a plane had hit one of the towers, so we turned on the tube and watched as the 2nd one hit...bad day all around...
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    9th grade home room. Had just gotten to school for the day.
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    I had just woken up around 9am and turned on my computer. I went online to one of the Usenet groups that I used to read when I saw a headline that read "Plane hits World Trade Center". I read the thread a little bit and read more of the updated posts. As soon as I realized it wasn't a little single engine Cessna, I ran out to the living room and turned the tube on. I stayed glued to it, crying a couple times, until I went to work later as a bank guard. Everyone at the bank stood around in stunned silence and watched the day's events.

    9/11 - We will NEVER forget!
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    I was a senior in high school and I had just gotten settled in for a nap in my first period sociology class and my teachers cell phone rang a couple of times then her room phone then an announcement over the loud speakers telling all faculty and staff to turn on the tv in the class room.... the thing that stands out the most is the attack took place the week of the 1st football game of the season and our ROTC had a tribute to the 9/11 victims with a massive flag that reached from the goal line to about the 25 yard line.. I would have to say that aside from the bombing of the federal building in OK. and the Cult Dividian incident in Waco,TX this was the most life changing event for my generation... This was our Pearl Harbor to an extent
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    I was at work when someone said that a plane flew into the World Trade Center. We turned on the tv in the conference room and everyone was completely silent. One of my coworkers ran out of the building - his wife worked in one of the towers (fortunately he found out later that she'd been able to escape and was safe). When we heard a newscaster give each of the flight numbers, another coworker screamed and kind of crumpled to the ground - she was supposed to have been on Flight 93 but had changed her travel plans the day before. Everyone was in kind of a fog and they let us go home early. I remember how quiet and still the roads were as I drove home.

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    I was in bed, having returned home from tech school three days earlier.

    My dad called, said to turn on CNN. I did, in time to see the second plane hit live.

    I called in to the base, and was activated for 24 months 11 days later. The activation was pretty funny, we were all already there.
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    I had been up until about 6 am that morning drinking with some buddies that were back in town for a couple of days..I woke up around 4 that afternoon and there were a shitload of people in mine and my roommates's house. It took me a solid hour to realize that it was not some kind of tv bit and I wasn't hallucinating.
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    My uncle had just passed away the week before, and my parents had gone to Buffalo for the funeral. I'd quit my crappy job the Friday before, and was sleeping in. Hubby didn't go in to work till later that day, and woke me, telling me that a plane had hit the WTC. We turned on the TV in the bedroom and a few minutes later saw the second plane hit. I was just shocked and numb until I saw the rescue workers heading toward the towers, and I told hubby then that most of those guys weren't coming back. I called my brother after the second plane hit, woke him up, and when he turned on his TV he said a name I'd never heard before: Osama bin Laden. It was accompanied by a lot of swearing.
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    I think this about sums it up. This is from last years thread on the same subject. They let us all go home at noon.

    Quote Originally Posted by CTR man View Post
    I was driving my car on my way to work listening to the radio thinking how in the hell am I ever going to get on base. I am a civilian employee of the US Military (AAFES). When I got there it took me two hours just to get through the front main gate. Our beloved DOJ Police were not taking any chances, it was Threat Condition Delta, and they were searching everybody, and I mean everybody. When I finally got to my building, the TV was on in the main break-room and saw the second plane hit, the pentagon disaster and also flight 93 in Pennsylvania. Needless to say all resemblance of work was shot for the day except for any commercial trucks that needed to be unloaded. I remember thinking what is this going to do to our guys and gals in the military and their families let alone the tragic loss of life suffered that day. Most everyone sat glued to the TVs dumbfounded. I was numb for several weeks after that. It changed my life forever and brought a new meaning to me to support our personnel serving in the military. I still cringe every time I hear that we lost yet another soldier over there in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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    I had worked the night before and was asleep when everything happened. When I woke up around 1pm and turned on the TV with my coffee it took me awhile to realize that it was real. I was glued to the TV for a few hours just not believing what I was seeing.
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    I was on my way to work listening to the radio. When I got to work, they had the TV on and we all kind of sat in stunned silence as we were watching the second plane hit. There was a lot of crying and hand-holding and I'll never forget when my cell phone rang and it was one of my best friends' moms. She lost two sons (firemen) that day and I lost two of the best friends a girl could have. I got a chance to go to New York a couple of times a few years ago. I hung out with the guys at the fire station that was across the street. It was definitely a surreal experience and one I will never forget.
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    I had worked the nite shift that night, was home getting dressed to go to court, gotta love that and saw the havoc on the tube.
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    I was in Ms. Heydts Psychology of Youth class.

    Someone called the classroom and told her what had happened. She made us all get up and o to the concourse to watch tv. She told us that this is probably the most significant act of war we would witness in our lifetimes.
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    I was on shift at the Fire Department doing our morning truck checks. The station phone rang, and I answered. One of the guys from the shift we had relieved had called and told us to hit the day room and turn on the TV. My shift plus a few people who had came to the station that morning all hung out in the day room and watched the Tv.

    I remember when the second plane hit somebody said, "this is no accident boys, we're going to war."

    That night a few guys from the station loaded up and headed to NYC to help. I had planned on going, but couldn't find coverage for my shift when they left.
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    Two things I remember, The Kennedy Assasination and 9-11. Kennedy I was in the Student store at City College when it was announced and 911 I woke up and decided to see what was on the tube and saw the first tower on fire and then the second get hit and all that followed I never got out of bed just stayed there and watched the tragedy.

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    I was in High School at the time. My teacher got a phone call on the classroom phone and I just remember her face turning pale white...I knew something was wrong. When she hung up the phone she said something along the lines of "planes have crashed in the World Trade Center." We were released from class early and brought the the cafeteria where our assistant principal announced that NYC was under attack from possible terrorists and that we would be released from school early. I rushed home to turn on TV and for the first time saw the second plane hit...it literally took my breath away. I don't have a great memory (and my girlfriend will be the first to tell you that lol) but I sure as hell remember that day...
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