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    O/R Fantasy Football Week 2 - Brad eats a slice of humble pie

    I noticed Brad hasn't posted the Week 2 results yet, so I figured I'd help him out

    Carolina Cripplers 89
    Zygi's Love Boat 105

    The Fighting Ferns 68
    Reca 73

    LocoChickens 97
    Swamp Critters 85

    Brad Loves Fatties!! 93
    JunkYard Dawgs 96

    Fluff Nuggets 67
    Trunkmonkeys 95
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    I haven't posted anything because I haven't had time. In fact, I haven't even had time to check the scores from this past weekend. Who would have thought Harrison would bomb and Manning would suck, and throw two picks. Shit happens. I'm a better team than you.



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