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Thread: Bureaucrats

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    Whenever I think we have it bad with the head shed messing with us I look to my British cousins for perspective.


    Meanwhile, meetings like these mean the few cops actually out there on the streets are increasingly spending their lives getting battered by the ever more brazen thugocracy.
    Any of the folks here have some bad admin stories to share?
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    About 13 yrs ago I assisted with investigation of a theft of State owned computers. The victim agency was the HQ of the welfare empire.

    Previously it was difficult to get them behind prosecutions of forgeries of welfare checks stolen form the mail. This time was much the same mindset. Arrest and jail removes clientele from their control.

    Imagine the setting: an anthill of a govt office bldg, full of cubilcles, personal radios not allowed (esp Rush Limbaugh) but NPR for piped in system is great. Birkenstocks, hemp, liberal-cause political buttons, etc. Despite staff metings twice a day, no one knows what is going on. Consensus does not lead, only echoes the Party line.

    Well, these missing machines were delivered by a vendor to that anarchist hatchery and signed for. Chain of custody beyond that was head-shaking, shoulder-shrugging, or silence.

    One old supervisory granola head MSW bearer made a comment closer to bottom line truth and their true mission. "I cannot say they were 'stolen', I just think someone had a greater need".

    The line continues to blurs between the jackass and the hammer and sickle.

    The future rests in their definitions.
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