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    Question of the day 11-5-08

    Part A. How screwed are we as a country?

    Part B. How long till he tries to ban guns?
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    A. At worst, no worse than under Clinton or Carter. At best, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    B. He's not going to try to ban guns. He has never supported banning all guns, and in any case guns are not anywhere near the top of his agenda. At worst, he might support legislation for slightly more restrictive gun laws. At best, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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    A. Not too screwed. He's only one man.

    B. I don't see that happening any time soon...
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    A. Pretty darn screwed. Hopefully he'll have advisers that will keep him in check
    B. See above, re his advisors.

    BTW, Jenna, the guns laws are already FAR too restrictive. How about we take away his Secret Service agents and see how he feels about having the tools for one's own self defense then?
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    A: I think the first 6 months will really be telling. This will be when he starts proposing ideas (tax increases, more regulations, Kyoto agreement etc.) If he goes forward with these things we will hit a major depression and sky high interest rates within a year or two. I am not as stupid for others who think that companies are going to asorb additional costs without passing it on to the consumer. Look for everything you need in your day to day lives increasing significantly. He stated, along with other leading democrats, that they plan on slashing the defense budget greatly. Look for increased terrorist attacks.

    B: I think he will try and reinstate and expand the AWB within the first year. That was one of his platforms on his website. Anyone that doesn't realize this is just putting their heads in the sand. His past actions also speak to this. Also look for a ban on ALL rifle ammunition. They will market it as "armor piercing" since all rifle ammo will pierce standard body armor. The NRA is going to have a hard time trying to fight this (look at the Clinton era and CA)
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    A. Very very screwed.

    B. WIthin the first two years. However, they will never never never ever take my guns while I'm alive. They can take my life or my freedom, but not my guns. I will not give them over. Unless they started causing harm to my family members, which wouldn't suprise me.
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