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    A few of the things our troops and president haven't gotten due credit for.

    From the time our troops pushed into Afghanistan following 9/11/01 and changed the whole way of life in that country right up till today the media has focused far more on the negative and the failures our troops have made in the Afghan and Iraqi wars rather than on the positive and their overall accomplishments .
    During the early days of the war against terrorism, instead of reporting all the good our troops were doing by ridding theTalibans of their cruel, iron fisted grip and contol on the people and government, the media was reporting on a daily basis, almost gloatingly, of our troops inability to capture Osama bin Ladin, a man who had a renal disease and on daily dialysis and more of a figurehead than as great a threat as many of his fanatical and rabid followers. The media and liberals are still pushing the bin Ladin threat to the fullest and during the campaign Obama used political tact in his debate with McCain thereby making a big impression on his gulible followers when he promised to go into Pakistan and capture bin Ladin if he were elected. There's very little evidence that Ossama is in Pakistan and even less that he would be able to survive after 8 years with a kidney disease in the remote and rugged mountains of eastern Pakistan. Anyone with logic reasoning would know that the guy is either dead or in a hospital somewhere and it's far more likely that he has long been dead, buried and pushing up poppies.
    It was the same following operation Iraqi freedom. During the first stages of the operation and the push into Baghdad the media, primarily Fox news, gave a fair and unbiased report of what was happening then it was back to business as usual and the negative, such as the Abu Ghraib prison fiasco which involved a small hand full of non-regular army untrained MP's which captured the media for a month or more. Since Saddam's two psychotic sons were blown away and Saddam was captured there has been little fair coverage of the progress our troops were making in getting the country back on track, but have seized every opportunity to report on the set backs and every roadside bombing.
    It has been very quite lately and we've heard little from the media since 9/1/08 when Iraqi troops and police took charge of their own security and our forces returned to their bases to standby and assist the Iraqi forces only if needed. Al Qaeda suffered a military and ideological defeat In Anbar the most violent province when Bush as part of the surge sent 4,000 additional marines into Anbar to assist the local civilians who had begun to stand up to al Qaeda and it has now been transformed into a peaceful society where the tribal leaders and people are openly cooperating with the Iraqi peace forces. Today, there is an adequate number of Iraqi forces on the rolls. The number of police recruits exceeds the available training slots, and every city and town has a functioning police force. These are just some of the things that are happening in Iraq today which our troops and our president are not getting due credit for.

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    Thanks for making these points, Retmilleo909!
    Arm the sheep!



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