Not having a good week here.
As far as expensive lessons,right about here Mav raises his hand sheepishly
1)Time to upgrade the cell phone(old one was pre Katrina and I am still waiting for a text message sent to me 2 weeks ago),go online,get a Pantex Matrix,neat with a slider face and a slider keyboard, to call it a piece of crap would not be fair to crap Of course after the "rebate" it will have only cost me 80 bucks.
2)Seen that infomercial for the Kodak All in One printer???only 200 bucks but it does everything ,is wireless ,etc????? Got one for me and one for my daughter for Christmas The pics are so jagged,and rough they look like a 6th grade art student drew them or even maybe I have located Fred Flintstones Parrot.Pure Garbage
3) Be afraid Mav .found a nice digital camera online that I liked,ordered it before the other 2 screw ups,the only good thing is ----it hasn't arrived yet.