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    kateykakes Guest

    Need help finding a video

    I need helping looking for a particular video and thought maybe you all could help...

    I've tried searching on Google for it, but came up empty.

    Bear with me now...

    The video is of an officer (I don't think you see his face) and he has a gun in his pants zipper. The gun fires when he "thrusts" his hips forward.

    I know it sounds off the wall, but I need to find this video. (I'll explain later)

    Any help you give would be appreciated!



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    I sincerely hope he was shooting blanks!
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    Indy Guest
    I know the one you're talking about...not sure if I can find it though...

    Someone was using it as their avy awhile back if I remember correctly.

    ETA: Kate - I looked all over break.com trying different search words, but can not for the life of me find it. I know exactly which one you're talking about though. I don't even know that it's there (IE: break.com) for sure, but figured out of all the sites, they'd be likely to have it. Hopefully one of the guys will see this thread later and fill you in since I'm sure someone has it bookmarked...LOL
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    It was on www.guzer.com or www.break.com. I actually posted this in the general topics area here, but I believe it was recently deleted when we got rid of a bunch of old threads.

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    kateykakes Guest
    Still can't find it, but thanks for the links.



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