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Thread: Walk the Line

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    Thumbs up Walk the Line

    Ducky made me remember I seen a movie last night...lol

    I seen Walk the Line about June and Johnny Cash. I thought it was awesome. The Phoenix guy that played Johnny Cash did and excellent job from holding his mouth like Cash did to the way he had this look in his eyes when he sang on stage. I think whether you like country music or not its a good movie.
    I personally like "real" country music aka Pre-Garth Brooks so I really enjoyed it. i just wonder how many people that watch the movie will realize that Johnny Cash never did any time at Folsom Prison.
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    Heh, I was watching an interview of Cash once and he was laughing about all the people that have told him at concerts, "My Daddy served time with you in prison!"

    I think he spent a night in jail once in either Mississippi or Alabama for something chippy, but that was it.
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    I saw that move - It was great. I liked what ma & pa Carter did to Johnny's dope dealer - Made him shit in his pants almost. The scene he created at the prison concert was funny too

    Yeah I think he spent a night in jail because they caught him with some pot or something. It's been a couple of months since I saw it.

    I think that's out on DVD now
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