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    Water Safety reminders

    Change your clocks one hour ahead. Outdoor water recreation time is coming uur way. Just a reminder for those whose beat includes parks, boat launches, swiming areas. The idiots are coming. If people mix alcohol, unsafe boating, no flotation equipment; then add children while parents are drunk or distracted, children who do not have swim training, there will be drownings. Drunk adults and unprepared rescuers are eligible for drowning too.

    Inventory your patrol vehicle. Do you have flotation gear and rope? Gloves? Where can you tie off a rope to your vehicle? Do you know the average water temperature and depths at recreation sites? Have you been trained in water survival? Will you enter the water alone? Do you have trained backup rescuers? Do you understand hypothermia and know your useful conscious time in the water? Will your spare tire and rim float?

    I carried a half full plastic jug of fresh drinking water and 100 ft of viisble ( yellow, orange or white color ) soft poly or bouyant nylon rope. The jug made a good line throwing weight and float. The color contrast on the water was a good visual reference for assisting boats or helos.

    For swim classes or water safety training, contact your Fire Dept, Red Cross, US Coast Guard, YMCA, a commercial dive school, or local parks authority.
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    Damn good advice. I worked boats for several years and aside from the stunning scenery and the frequent propositions, I learned one thing for sure. You haven't seen stupid until you have seen stupid on the water.

    I never laughed so much as when I worked the boats and I often embarrased my partner because I couldn't help rolling over with laughter when someone did something really incredible.

    Car 4
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    I need to go through my boat now. Its almost time to hit the water
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