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    What makes Officer Resource different?

    Recent developments have caused me to ask a simple, yet compelling question about membership in law enforcement (and related) web communities:

    What makes Officer Resource so different from other sites providing similar content?

    After viewing many of the others. I have reached some conclusions and have found that there is certainly a vast difference between what we have here, and what is made available by other entities on the web. While I have tried to be as brief as possible, I've found the following perhaps most compelling about OfficerResource.com, and felt the need to share it here.

    Purpose: Officer Resource is a web community, devoted entirely to serve the men and women who share in a chosen profession; law enforcement. Networking, information, advice, and the sharing of ideas, practices, tactics, perceptions, and support are all functions of this community. This corner of the digital world promotes interaction with the prospective, current, and retired members of this profession, and the interested public. The motivation of large media conglomerates and entrepreneurial businesses is profit. The motivation of Officer Resource however, is service, just as the profession itself dictates to the members of its ranks. It is a place to relax and unwind, but it is also a place where knowledge and growth is fostered, skills and tactics are sharpened and critiqued, and where law enforcement officers are given opportunities to more freely interact with one another in a protected environment, “like iron sharpening iron”.

    Resources: Over 5,000 members (as of 03-18-2009), many who are certainly considered experts in their given field, along with a site staff comprised wholly of sworn law enforcement officers, who diligently strive to maintain the security, integrity, and quality of the information and interaction that takes place within the confines of the community. Frequent articles by experts and even fellow members which are not sales-driven, yet are focused upon what makes us who we are, what makes us better at what we do, and most-importantly, the mental, physical, and emotional survival of the street cop.

    Integrity: Officer Resource focuses on the quality, veracity, and credibility of both the membership and the information contained within its realm. A concerted effort is consistently employed by the Owners and Staff to refuse to be satisfied with ‘the norms’ adopted by other entities, or simple face values. As with verifications of law enforcement officer candidates for membership, the owners and staff are never satisfied with third-party testimonial, faxed or photocopied credentials, or tertiary sources for verifications. Unobtrusive, yet personal contact with each verification candidate must be made in order for a verification to be approved, and all claims substantiated using all publicly available resources.

    Values: Each step within any process is guided by a ‘code of conduct’, or in “Terms of Service”. The provision and support of this community, again, not profit-driven, is provided in the largest extent by its users. While very limited advertising exists, it is only allowed from trusted sources, who are researched and quality-checked, with feedback being constantly received by the users themselves. Any such advertising remains unobtrusive, non-invasive, never forceful or compulsory (as in ‘pop-up’ or email spamming).

    Authenticity: As with the finest examples of this profession, Officer Resource remains most committed to the truth above all. Any attempting to subvert a procedure, unworthily obtain protected information, or assume a guise in order to enter a protected area, are faced with the unified effort of the Owners and Staff, as dictated by foundational common sense and the procedures in place, and are exposed before the entire community, (in a publicly accessible area); and in cases, have even been reported to their own local authorities.

    Respect for the individual: Not ruled by police administrations, activism, or agenda-seeking authorities, Officer Resource allows a venue where cops can more freely share both sides of life: the personal and the professional. Differences of opinions not quashed or banished, the open and free discussion of policies, laws, personalities, and liberties are promoted throughout the site. Interactions between the advocate and rival of nearly any aspect of life, professional or personal, are fair game, with moderation only present to contain that which is beyond reasonable, common sense boundary.

    Given what I've seen, Officer Resource has carved a niche in the web for law enforcement 'digital communities'. Members here may feel a sense of security, (as secure as any web venue may supply), in that the devotion and dedication of its Owners, Administration, and Staff have remained solidly behind the expansion and growth of the site, its quality and offerings, and have joined in effort to continue to provide that which none other has been seemingly as successful in providing.

    "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
    - Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

    Tell me not, Sweet, I am unkind,
    That from the nunnery
    Of thy chaste breast and quiet mind
    To war and arms I fly.
    - Lovelace

    The opinions expressed by this poster are wholly his own, and should never be construed to even remotely be in representation of his employer, its agencies or assigns. In fact, they probably fail to be in alignment with the opinions of any rational human being.

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    Great post! I started Officer Resource with a vision. This site has grown and progressed into something I could never have originally imagined.

    Our membership, and what we provide here, is truly unique to the internet law enforcement community, and I'm convinced that's what makes us so successful.

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    Great post, countybear!

    I also think the dedication of the site staff, all of whom are very active, respected participants in the forum who volunteer their time solely because of their devotion to the site, really makes this site unique. This site is not beholden to commercial interests because it's funded entirely by supporting members and a few carefully selected advertisers, most of whom are themselves LEOs who actively participate in the forum.

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    As we grow as a family sometimes it is hard to keep focused on who we are. The checks and balances here are like no other. Everyone (members, and staff) has a purpose.

    Thank you to all who make this possible.

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    I've always thought of O/R as being like a squad room at roll call. You can learn something, be around friends, swap tall tails and war stories, and pick on each other unmercifully. I also think that the site staff is a huge part of the success here. Most people have no clue how much time and effort goes on behind the scenes.

    I have come to respect, admire, and care about the regulars on here like family.
    "It wouldn't take much for me to up and run...
    to another life somewhere in the sun."
    "There's something inherently wrong with having to put on a bullet-proof vest and a gun to go to work."-(An old friend)

    Any statements or opinions given in my postings or profile do not reflect the opinions, views, policies, and/or procedures of my employer or anyone else other than me. They are my personal opinions or statements only, thereby releasing my employer , any other entity, or any other person of any liability or involvement in anything posted under the username "Cidp24" on O/R.

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    I really haven't looked around to see what other LE forums are out there. This was the first one I ever checked out, and once Reca verified me, I haven't looked any further. This is definitely a place for friends, knowledge, and some of the best stories, lies, and everything in between!!!!
    The six o'clock rule
    I tell them to act according to the six o'clock rule, a phrase that causes most of them to say, "Huh?"
    I tell them to use this little test before they decide to do something. If they were to do what they're thinking about, and it became the lead story on the six o'clock news, would they be proud? Would their department be proud, and would their family be proud? It's a simple way to live your life both personally and professionally.

    Bruce Thomason

    "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything." Mark Twain

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    One of the main things that keeps me coming back is that the LEO's here have gone through a verification process, thus the staff has proved that for those who are LE are who they say they are. Unlike another big forum out there that refuses to verify their LE and has loads of security issues because of it. For me, if I have a question, I want some assurance that those who are answering questions are the real thing and not just some poser.

    Of the several LE forums that I have frequented over the years, this is the only one that I know of that has a holding cell for the trolls and those who feel the need to spam.

    As a LE supporter, the "like family" thing is also very important to me as we all can share ideas from like minded individuals. Though some of us may disagree from time to time, the discussions are kept civil. Sometimes discussions have to be moved to the supporting member forums, the squad room on occasion or even the LE verified area and I can respect that. There are just some things that the general public doesn't need to know when it comes to the profession.

    The camaraderie on this site is like no other. It gives me a sense of being able to interact with LE that I have rarely been able to participate with in real life.

    Choose The Right. When you're doing whats right, then you have nothing to worry about.

    Not a LEO

    In memory of Sgt. Howard K. Stevenson 1965 - 2005. Ceres Police Dept.
    In memory of Robert N. Panos 1955 - 2008 Ceres Police Dept.



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