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    What have I told you about running amunk in the city??

    NEW YORK -- A wily coyote paid a visit to the big city, leading dozens of police officers on foot and in a helicopter on a loping chase through Central Park before being captured Wednesday.

    "For a coyote to get to midtown, he has to be a very adventurous coyote," said city Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe.

    Officials said the animal may have wandered into the city from suburban Westchester County, or perhaps crossed the Hudson River from New Jersey via a bridge, a railroad trestle or a passing truck.

    Officials said the tawny-colored animal, nicknamed Hal by park workers, was about a year old. (give or take 30...

    Hal proved adept at avoiding capture, jumping into the water, leaping over an 8-foot fence, ducking under a bridge and scampering through the grounds of a skating rink.

    Hal was caught after being shot with a tranquilizer gun at close range by a police officer.

    Hal will be taken to a wildlife center outside the city.

    Hal is believed to be only the second coyote ever spotted in Central Park, Benepe said. The last one was seven years ago.

    You gotta know him from the other boards to know why this article is directed at him.

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    I AM a very adventurous coyote! And when I get ahold of that cop's tranquilizer gun.... KAPOW! Payback time.
    "Look, just give me some inner peace or I'll mop the floor with you!"



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