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    Denise Amber Lee Foundation

    I just wanted to get the word out....Nathan Lee spoke at the CalNena conference a couple months ago. They are putting together a cookbook, so let your dispatchers know.

    The Denise Amber Lee Foundation: Est. 2008, Remember Denise. Reform 9-1-1.

    Our Mission Statement: To raise awareness of 911 call center inefficiencies, promote improvements to 911 call centers, and offer assistance to families of murder victims.

    Currently, most states have no kind of standards set for the training of 911 dispatchers. Although Florida is making an effort (a bill for 911 reform was recently passed in Denise's name), it is still considered a voluntary measure to participate in the training standards. We would like to see proper training become mandatory, not voluntary. We'd like to learn from the mistakes made, move forward and fix the inadequacies. 911 is here to save lives, and when it doesn't because of confusion and procedural breakdowns, that is unacceptable. We need to restore confidence in the 911 system. That is the most important thing. 911 operators and dispatchers should be praised for doing their job correctly, not everyone can handle the high stress conditions of the job. God bless all the 911 operators out there who care and are working so hard to do their job and keep us all safe. May God give them the strength and guidance needed to do their job to the best of their ability.

    WHY?: In January 2008, Denise Lee was kidnapped in broad daylight, and struggled for her life for several hours. In that time, 4 911 calls were placed, including one from Denise herself, and one from a courageous bystander, Jane Kowalski, who provided an exact location of Denise to authorities while she was on the phone for several minutes. Because those 911 calls were not all properly handled, it was possible for Denise's rapist and murderer to commit his crimes. She left behind two small boys, a husband, and a loving family. While obviously, the 911 call center did not intend for this to happen, or actually "pull the trigger", evidence shows that there were available resources to save her life, and they were not used. Denise's story is not the only one of its kind, a few months later Brittany Zimmermann, the poor college student in Wisconsin who called 911 with her cell phone, and when a dispatcher failed to issue a return call, became another unfortunate murder victim. These are merely examples of a splintered system without any national regulations, which we strive to remedy.
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    This is a good cause. Her father is a sergeant with our agency and is a pretty good guy. I hope that her husband is able to get the changes made to our dispatch system so nothing like this ever happens again. I was working as part of the search for her the night that she was kidnapped. It sucks because we were so damn close to getting her if we were just told of that phone call by dispatch. Strange, because when I was also a squadmate of her uncle (her father's brother). Denise and my squadmate's daughter had baby sat my son for me a few times also. She was a really good person.
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