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    I tried to start a new thread yesterday, but got too fancy, and messed it up. Thanks to Curt and Stan for helping to clean it up. This will probably be the longest post I will ever enter, but just want to share what I see as a comparison between LEOs today, and those in the tumultuous decade of the 60s. Some may disagree, but did you ever see an LEO who did not have an opinion on just about everything. My views are general in nature but affected by where I was on the street, size of city, and what I observed during the early 60s on through the decade.

    Training: I have this as even. Training comes from the times in which we live. That, and most training comes from being on the street.

    Weaponry: Current LEOs wins this one hands down.

    Equipment: Computer technology, radio systems gives this one to Current LEOs.

    Comradery: Again, I give this an even vote.

    Less Second Guessing by outsiders: This goes to LEOs in the 60s.

    Adminstration Support: By Administration this would include ranking members, and political figures. I give this to the 60s. IADs? Never heard of it during the 60s.

    Less societal problems: Goes to the 60s.

    Public Support: Ditto to the 60s, and this vote takes into account two riots, plus Vietnam era issues. For all intents, the public in the 60s was fairly quiet, neither negative nor positive.

    Laws: Due to less complicated problems, laws were simpler in the 60s, so that gets the nod.

    Freedom to police: This really goes to the 60s. If you have about a day, I can tell you why I feel this way. And some things I wouldn't tell you.

    Results: Current LEOs, sorry to say you lose in the comparisons, and it is not detrimental to anything you have or have not done. It sure isn't your fault. It is the age in which you are serving. GOD bless our active LEOs. You all need it.
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    After talking to retired officers from around then, and orking now I agree with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lcsodre108
    After talking to retired officers from around then, and orking now I agree with you.
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    Do y'all see the "Community Policing" model helping any with Public Support?

    As an outsider I have a positive view of Community Policing because it opens a lot of doors for volunteers, which I think builds trust on BOTH sides - The problem with it that I see around here is that it isn't being implemented completely, and there seems to be a lot of grumbling about the extra overhead involved which makes cops do things other than patrolling (such as attending block parties or getting out of their cars and walking the neighborhoods saying hello to people).

    That saps manpower of course (which in theory volunteers are supposed to pick up, but that only happens when it's fully implemented). Our PD, for example, has implemented Community Policing up to the point of having beats, a few bicycle patrols, Citizens' Police Academies, attending public activities, and infrequent direct volunteer involvment at parades and such - After that point, a big thick door slams shut.

    Some PD's around here have implemented it fully, with volunteers doing watch patrols, clerical work, vacation house inspections, Class C warrant calls, handicap parking patrols, traffic control help during wrecks and parades, radar speed surveys, verifying sex offender addresses, manning the parking lot SkyWatch towers, and stuff like that, most of which cops don't like to do anyway, or in the case of watch patrols, there's just not enough cops to go around, so the volunteers are extra eyes & ears to feed you "customers" (in theory) - but since I don't have any involvement with those PD's, all I know about the successes are what I read on the PD websites and hear 2nd-hand from volunteers I've talked to & emailed in the past. I've never heard a single horror story, at least.
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