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  • I could kill a kid or cop killer that way - he deserves it

    21 60.00%
  • No, even if he did those horrible things I can't do it

    14 40.00%
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    If it caught him in the act, no question...
    1 - I'd shoot the SOB
    2 - I'd shoot the SOB
    3 - I'd shoot the SOB
    (it's a defense of a 3rd party, same as self-defense)

    If you're talking about later, then realistically I guess that would depend on a lot of things, such as how sure I was that he's guilty, what the courts do with him, and how much access I had to him. If the scumbag did something to my wife and got off on a technicality or something, he'd better have a 24-hour bodyguard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcat06
    Once again....I guess I am an asshole about some things....but that's life....
    sounds like it

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    I picked yes. I dont know if I could everything they did but I could make them suffer.

    Lets be clear on this, Im not talking about killing someone because they shot a cop or simple murdered a person. Im not even talking a rapist here.

    Im talking the sick fucks that rape and torture kids. Could I do it then? I would do much much more than they could even imagine and then get a doc too fix em up and do it again.
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