Although you see "Dirk" as my username, you might know me as "Terminator." Approximately six years ago, the law enforcement internet legend of "Terminator" was born, on the forums of PoliceOne. "Terminator" was opinionated, rebellious, cocky, blunt, and controversial. It didn't take long for those in charge to show "Terminator" the door. Their would be many others that would give him the same treatment, including Officer Resource. The owner of Officer Resource was no fan of "Terminator," as he spent time badmouthing him on various internet police forums. At the time "Terminator" had a huge following from sites he was banned from, and created his own site, Law Enforcement Forums. Suddenly, the world of the owner of Officer Resource came crumbling down in corruption and his site was left to die. ONE MAN saved Officer Resource from the internet history books. The same man who was shown the door there just months ago by the former owner, became the new owner of Officer Resource. That man is "Terminator."

Three years and 9 months from this day Law Enforcement Forums was created. As this site has transitioned in to Officer Resource, the legend of the owner, "Terminator," has continued. The stories, the gossip, the curiousity, the conflict...etc. At a point, there is such a thing as getting out while the going is good. And that's what "Terminator" is doing. "Terminator" will never be the Brett Favre of the NFL. He knows when it's his time. And that time is now. That time is today.

As fate would have it, my full-time law enforcement career came to a sudden and premature end, largely due to a line of duty back injury. Now I've made the transition into part-time law enforcement, and the full-time civilian work force, where I work with the people I used to protect and arrest on a full-time basis, and still do, on a part-time basis. Life for me has changed drastically. I see shades of grey, both sides of the fence, beauty, positivity, and freedom. As much as my career ending wreck cost me on that fateful night, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm happy with where I'm at. "Terminator" no longer lives. "Terminator" was a chapter in my life I will never forget. He was merely an extreme extension of myself in real life, which is why I portrayed this "character" so successfully. It's time for a new chapter on Officer Resource, for me. As I leave "Terminator" behind.

September 5th, 2009. A day in Officer Resource infamy. Leave the memories alone.


I have now transitioned in to my new persona, and new username...Dirk. Nothing as changed that will adversly affect the site. I am still the co-owner, and I am still the Forums Administrator. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

-Brad (Formerly known as "Terminator")