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    Quote Originally Posted by keith758
    Latest "drama:" Underage drinking cite, $173.00 last Friday. She came home loaded and I had the city cite her. Hopefully, someday she'll "get it."

    I'm sorry it isn't getting any easier on ya right now. It will though, one of these days
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    Sorry man.. I remember coming home like that as a teenage. My folks set me straight and I hope it works out just as well for you.
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    I pray to God that my kids don't go completely nuts on me. I'll just have to kill them and have another one. Give it the same name and go back to the ol drawing board.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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    My old man had the sam brown belt.


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    Quote Originally Posted by keith758
    Latest "drama:" Underage drinking cite, $173.00 last Friday. She came home loaded and I had the city cite her. Hopefully, someday she'll "get it."
    Keith758 ~

    As a parent myself, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. Based on your posts, I believe you're handling it very well. As difficult as it might be, you better believe I will do the same thing should my son ever become intoxicated. As a future drug/alcohol counselor, I cringe at the thought of seeing a child with an alcohol problem walk into my office. By the way, your daughter did have to pay the fine, right?

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    My daughter is paying the fine herself. She works part time at a local restaurant, and this will take her tips for the next few days. We're also taking her to an AODA counselor. Right now, she has to cooperate or she goes to Shelter care.
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