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    9/11 Pager Data Visualization

    Pretty cool and eerie too...
    The organization Wikileaks recently published a data set of pager intercepts from the 9/11 tragedy.

    I have taken this data and done an analysis for 100 phrases selected to summarize the events of that horrible day. I have focused on the time period from 8am until 8pm, September 11th, 2001.

    This video below shows a Phrase Burst Visualization of the data. The larger the text the more frequently it was used during the 12 hour period. Text appears bright during the times of high usage and fades away otherwise. The color hues are cosmetic. This phrase burst visualization is basically a word cloud where the brightness of the words varies according to how prominent the words were during specific periods of time. You can drag the playhead for the video around to examine specific times.
    Watch the video: 9/11 Pager Data Visualization
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    Pretty intense.

    My dad, I miss him every day.

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    I am a female!!!!! LMAO

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    Wikileaks publishes 500,000 pager messages sent on 9/11 - Wikileaks

    Wikileaks has not revealed how it obtained the records. The site has an impressive track record of securing and publishing confidential documents, but has been criticised for taking a reckless approach to privacy.
    "The archive is a completely objective record of the defining moment of our time. We hope that its revelation will lead to a more nuanced understanding of the event and its tragic consequences," it wrote in a release announcing the project.
    While Wikileaks states that "text pagers are usually carried by persons operating in an official capacity", personal messages sent by members of the public who owned pagers in September 2001 are also included in the records.
    One reads: "Mornin HoneyPot, I hope Peach made it to school today. She was dressed and ready when I left. Learn lots in class today, pay attention and stay awake!"
    Conspiracy theorists are hoping that the messages will reveal a "smoking gun" showing that US intelligence agencies had advanced knowledge of the attacks, which left 3,000 people dead.
    Wow. Some of those texts are really personal. Lots of people telling others they love them. I wonder how Wikileaks got these.



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