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    Thumbs up 5.11 Light for Life

    Got my new 5.11 "Light for Life" in yesterday from Baumshoe Law Enforcement Supply. 121Traffic wrote an excellent review of this light a few months ago. If you haven't read it, check it out.


    I'm going to try and give my thoughts on the light without repeating too much of what 121Traffic already said, so here it goes.

    First impression as I opened the box, to be honest, "Damn it, that's a big ass light". For those who are unaware, the Light For Life is 11.5" in length and approx. 1.75" in diameter. The head of the light is hexagon shaped and is approx. 2.5" wide. Quite a bit bigger than the StingerXT and LED that I am used to carrying.

    As I reached to remove it from the box I was expecting it to be a lot heavier than it is. I was surprised and pleased to find that the Light For Life is not much, if any, heavier than my StingerXT or LED. As was pointed out in the other article, the light comes with a vehicle charger and a nylon duty ring. After removing it from the box I pressed the power switch and the light was completely dead. I plugged in the light and allowed it to charge. It took the blue LED indicator light less than 90 seconds to stop blinking, meaning it was fully charged. Unfortunately, It wasn't dark yet, so I had to wait to play with my new toy.

    Not long after it was good and dark, I found a spot next to a church in my zone to compare the Light for Life with my StingerXT and Stinger LED. I also took a few pics that I will share at the end.

    On the 90 lumen constant setting and at a distance of approx. 30 ft, I found that the Light for Life was very close to my Stinger LED. The main difference is the Light for Life seemed to have a bigger, or brighter, outer circle. The StingerXT got blown away by the Light for Life at this distance. The Light for Life had a bigger and brighter "hot spot" and outer circle than the StingerXT. 121Traffic pointed out in his review that the incandescent light seemed to "throw" better at distances. I also found this to be correct, but that is where the 270 peak lumens comes into play. At a distance of about 100 ft, my StingerXT seems to be a lot brighter than the Light for Life while set at the 90 lumen mode. However, a simple press and hold of the power button and I found that the Light for Life does just fine for distances. No other way to say this but the 270 lumen setting is bright....very bright....

    Another plus, that I like anyway, is the hexagon shaped head. No more having to worry about the light rolling off the hood or trunk (or roof for the really tall people) while you are trying to write something or having someone write a statement or what not and the car is not perfectly level. I usually use my car's spotlight for this, but have run into the situation more than once where I have multiple people who needed to write statements and only one spotlight on the car, so out comes the flashlight. Like I said, it may not be a big deal to all, but I like it.

    The charger is another big plus. I have always had a problem with both my Stingers and their chargers. Almost every time I remove one of those lights from the charger and go to put it back, I have to get it just right for the light to charge. The Light for Life doesn't have this problem.

    Hope the pics show up well, as I'm sure they will tell a better story than I can write. To save space I posted the links to the pics and a description of the pic.

    From left to right...Stinger LED, 5.11 Light for life and StingerXT

    Light for Life, 90 lumen setting at about 30 ft.

    Light for life, 270 lumen setting

    Stinger LED


    Front view StingerXT, Light for Life and Stinger LED

    Same with the lights on, Light for life is set at 90 lumen. Camera flash on also.

    Same as above, no camera flash.

    These two didn't turn out as well as I hoped. The first is the Light for Life, 270 lumens, at about 100ft. The second is the StngerXT same distance.

    Overall I am more than pleased with the Light for Life. I agree with 121Traffic that I would prefer it had a setting for constant 270 lumens, but holding the light with my off hand and pressing and holding the button is not something I can't deal with. I definitely would advise anyone who is looking for a new light, or a very good upgrade, to contact Baumshoe or Shoesting at Baumshoe Law Enforcement Supply, www.baumshoe.com , and purchase this light.

    Thanks again to Reca, Shoestring and Baumshoe.

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    I like my light, the recharge time is one of its biggest features. The 90 lumen setting isn't that much different then the SL-20s. And you are right the 270 lumen is bright. I got a great deal when I bought mine through Baumshoe. I encourage anyone here that wants to get one to consider Baumshoe when ordering it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iso607 View Post
    Same with the lights on, Light for life is set at 90 lumen. Camera flash on also.

    Same as above, no camera flash.
    Wow, that's blindingly bright!

    Great review and pictures, iso607!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenna View Post
    Wow, that's blindingly bright!

    Great review and pictures, iso607!
    Like they say, Blinded by the Light.

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    Wow, that is bright! The pics are great!



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