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Thread: Hey Everyone!!

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    Hey Everyone!!

    Been a few months. Thought I'd check in. The baby's doing great. He's 4 months old and is starting to laugh and giggle so I'm having a blast playing with him. Every night he sleeps 8 hours or more without getting up. My wife loves that, and since she gets a decent nights sleep every night, I'm able to get a good amount during the day without her having to make me watch him so she can nap.

    We're in the house buying process. Getting it inspected later today. Out in the country about 20 minutes from the city. Keep your fingers crossed for me, my wife REALLY loves the house and I am loving the fact that it's outside the city on a couple acres.

    Still adjusting to the new system after working in VA for 5 years. Coming along pretty well. Any of you in North Carolina may have read about my handiwork. Look up "Stallings NC homicide". I got the tip and QB'd the arrest out here. The big "L" word had been tossed around last year about this years city budget which caused some stress. Luckily the city moved some funding, then discovered an unpaid debt from one of the local colleges which staved aff any firings. They graduated a class recently which puts 40 officers under me. In addition, the city started the drop program 5 years ago so there are a lot of retirements coming in 2010 and 2011 so I'm safe unless the economy goes down again.

    Anyways, sorry for the big lapse in visits here. With the baby's schedule more regulated now, I should be on more.
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    Thanks for the update. It's great to see you back! Glad things are going so well for you!

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    Good to see you back
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    Glad to see you back also. Stay regular and keep us posted on the little one.
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    Glad to hear from you. Happy to hear your family is doing good.

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    Glad to hear everything is going well, keep us updated.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by lewisipso View Post
    Glad to see you back also. Stay regular and keep us posted on the little one.
    Excuse Lew for getting a bit personal, older folks worry about that stuff a lot.

    Good to see you back, don't be a stranger!!
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