A moving article in the Boston Globe about police suicides and one woman's struggle to see her husband's suicide declared a line of duty death. Her husband, a Massachusetts State Trooper, was run over by a bus in his patrol unit, crushing his legs, and underwent many other traumas before finally taking his own life. He is a classic case of PTSD and resultant police suicide.

No one suggests that all police suicides are job related. But surely a few are. In all of 2008 and 2009, we could find none that were recognized as such, yet several clearly stood out as line of duty. Oddly, if a suicidal officer is stopped just before he pulls the trigger, he is given a retirement plaque and disability retired. If that same 20+ year veteran actually pulls the trigger, however, he is called a coward, his family is stigmatized and given nothing--and they are sent away in disgrace.

I encourage you to read this article.