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    Did you ever say anything before the beep?

    My wife is an artist. Being that she is also of Romaninan heritage, she has been known to be , shall we say, "tempramental." The other day she finished a commision painting for a patron. She delivered the piece of art and the woman swooned over it. Then, a day later, she called my wife and left a message that , while she "loved" the painting, she would like a major portion changed because she felt that the subject of the painting was just "overpowered". My wife was majorly P.O.d. She had spent a lot of time on the painting and it was something she didn't really want to do anyway. So, she called the woman back and got her answering machine. She left a message telling the woman that she didn't have the time to change the painting, and gave her the name of another local artist that may do it. Altogether she was very diplomatic. I said, "You were very polite," and she replied, "I'd like to tell that bitch where to put her painting!" No sooner had she said it, and her phone gave a large "BEEEP! Her next words were, "Oh Crap!" So, anyone else ever say anything before the beep?
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    I worked as a credit collector for a couple years, and would hear every excuse mankind has ever invented - typically from the same people, over and over. We got very, very cautious about making sure the call was completely disconnected before saying what we really thought about things. It only takes one person overhearing "liar" before you get dragged in front of the boss.

    Keith, any blowback from the 'before the beep' comment?
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    A good way to hear what people really think about you would be to have an answering machine with a beep before the actual beep that ends the call.....



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