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Thread: Karma

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    Lil,preface here.Wife and I had planned on my days off this week to shop for her a new desk,Thurs last,I get notice to be on stand by for a 1st degree robbery trial Mon/Tues.Since where we want to go is over 40 miles away it will have to wait till Sat.than it will be a hurry up so I can get home in time for the Saints game.Never was called,go figure.

    Night shift tonight ,rolling non stop,disturbances all over the place,think the west side (we are split east-west ,I work east),only had 1 call,of course it WAS a Homicide ,but I digress,get a Tresspasser/suspicious person,,drunk knocks on guys door at 0100,just got kicked out of a bar 1/2 mile up hiway and wanted to know if old guy would give him a ride.Enroute I get close and see a w/m walking on the shoulder,pull up and ask"did you just knock on a door and ask for a ride?",he is only slightly drunk,and very apologetic,saying he hadn't realized how late it was.Boy is a bit "slow" mentally,so I ask where he needs to go,get his name ,and say "sure,I will give you a ride,BTW,missed you in court Monday.Sure enough,FTA,issued 1/3/11.Gotta love Karma.

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