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    Angry Have you seen this commercial?

    Ok, last night I was watching the History channel, and I normally don't really pay attention to commercials but I looked up and there was one on for Olympus Digital Cameras. It depicted two EMTs arriving on scene, at night to what looks like a motorcycle accident. Very serious set to the commercial no humor. They both kneel down to the victim as if the work on him and the guy has a nice new digital camera hanging from his pocket, both the EMTs look at each other and one of them clips the cord and sticks it in his pocket and that was that.

    Ok, I did many hours of ride time with EMS for my EMT classes, and this commercial just angered me a bit. It's giving EMS a really bad cover there. When you arrive to a scene, as in LE or FD, you are professional, courteous, and without a doubt in your mind, you WOULD NEVER pocket something off a victim. So I guess this commercial just pissed me off cuz the media does bad enough with just the news, that we don't need Olympus running around depicting EMTs as thieves.


    End Rant.
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    I was on a fatal accident scene a couple of years ago and later found out that one of the EMTs stole the dead guy's wallet and cashed a check that was in the wallet.

    Made us all look bad.
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    One bad apple allows people to paint with a very broad brush.

    In the late 80's a squad I was running with came under investigation.
    It seemed patients began to notice missing items after the squad was at their home.

    Bensalem PD investigated and found there was one person on EVERY call where there was a complaint.

    Long story short (It's a good one) - they used a UC & nabbed her, still, it make the entire squad look bad.



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