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    Going out of state after academy

    I'm currently going through a local academy here in Ohio but jobs are becoming more scarce with only one to two positions opening a month, and with all the people looking for law enforcement it's really just a toss up and unless you have a really good in you're not getting a job. I know that my certification from Ohio wouldn't fully transfer out of state (or may not at all) and I may need to take a refresher course where ever I go, but I'm fine with that.
    I was looking into the Dallas area as there are several listings around the area and there seems like more of a demand then in Ohio. My question is, if I just graduated academy will any states (mainly TX) really acknowledge my certification without having any on the job experience?
    I don't complete the course until near the end of May, but I'm looking around now for any potential openings now just so I can get as much of a headstart as I can.

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    Some states do have ways that you can challenge their training exams, but I don't know if they require experience or just the academy to do so. You might find your answer about Texas here.

    In Virginia, waivers can be granted, but I don't know how often it's done except in cases like hiring a chief from out of state. Some academies do offer lateral training, but again, that's often requiring actual experience beyond mere certification from out of state.
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    I went through an academy in Michigan, working in North Dakota now and have to go through their academy. They're paying for it and I suppose you can never have too much learning! It probably depends on the state.
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